How do I undo bad habits that I taught my dog? + teach ANYTHING to the other dog?

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Dog 1 knows: – Sit – Stay (also works as “leave it”) – Shake – Down (doubles as “lie down” and “off”) – Which hand? (I hide a treat in one hand and he guesses which one it is) – Sit pretty – Up

What I’m looking for with him is how to reverse my bad training methods. I trained him a good 6-7 years ago and haven’t followed up on it since other than to have him do the commands sometimes. He’s good at them, but unreliable. He only does them if he feels like it or if treats are involved. He’s very smart and has amazing control: if I put a treat in front of his face and say “stay” he’ll leave it indefinitely. But he doesn’t really respond to verbal commands other than “sit.” You have to do these involved gestures and movements to get him to understand which isn’t ideal. He also has horrendous leash manners. He absolutely needs to be stimulated or he goes crazy, so the sky’s the limit.

Dog 2 knows nothing. Zero commands. I guess he responds to his name if that counts. He also responds to the other dog’s name though, lol. With him I would be amazed if I taught him anything. So if anyone has tips on training dogs who either have zero understanding or zero motivation (I don’t know which it is) that would probably help. Or you can just tell me to let him be a potato and I will say okay, I’m fine with that! He’s getting on in age anyway.

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