How do I tucker out puppy before crate & work?

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I just rescued a 3-4 month old puppy, and he is doing pretty good so far. Not many accidents, the biggest thing he needs to work on is not chewing on my shoes, eating soil, etc.

I work full time, so I was wondering if anyone had any advice for tiring out my puppy before I put him in his crate and head off to work. Here is my schedule so far:

6am: Get up and let puppy out of crate, and take him for a quick walk and bathroom break. ~6:15am: Feed puppy (I put the food bowl in his crate in attempts to make him like his crate a bit more). While he is doing this I take a shower. He is locked in my room at this point with the crate (not locked in the crate though). ~6:45am: Take puppy for a longer jog/walk (10-20 minutes). However I just read epecially for big dogs, taking them on jogs is bad for them, so I might have to stop doing this? He is a Husky / Lab mix I think, so he is going to be a relatively large dog. 7:00am: Back inside. I let him roam while I am getting dressed for work. Once dressed I play with him until I have to leave around 7:20-30am. 7:25am: Put him in crate and give him a biscuit treat. 12pm: Come home from work to give him a quick 10 minute walk and feed him.

12:30pm: Put him back in crate with biscuit treat and head back to work.

4-5pm: Come back from work and walk him for about 10 min. Before I put him in crate again and head to gym for a little bit.

5:45-6pm: Arrive back home. Let him out of crate to feed him and let him wander my apartment for the rest of the night, while keeping an eye on him. Usually with periodic play sessions and making sure he is playing with the right toys (not my shoes or plants). I usually take him out every couple hours or so.

~10pm: Take him for the last walk before bed. Around 15-20 minutes.

bedtime: Crate and a treat.

I am really just looking for a way to tire him out before work, so I don't feel as bad by leaving him in his crate for 4 hours at a time.

This is my first time being a sole owner of a dog/puppy so any advice / suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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