How do I train my dog from a wheelchair with practically no use of my hands?

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I basically have a far less aggressive form of what Steven Hawking had. I'm able to speak, but other than that, I have the equivalent functionality of a quadriplegic, requiring assistance with nearly all activities of daily living.

My wife and I have an extremely well-behaved, wicked smart 5-year-old toy poodle named Winnie Cooper. I'm basically a stay-at-home husband and spend the greatest time with Winnie.

We go on walks together, leash firmly secured to my power wheelchair, caregiver either right behind or right beside us. I make sure to involve her in everything I'm doing, which she loves. She's usually lying right on my chest when I'm doing certain medical treatments. We have a great bond.

But I want to clicker train her so that I can personally keep and steer her attention. I can get her to sit and lie down when no one's around, but when someone enters the room, she defaults to them for human guidance.

This isn't good because I won't always have the same caregivers, and I need her to more consistently obey my vocal commands. Plus, I think it would be highly stimulating for her big little brain to give her the challenge.

I'm not able to manually dispense treats to reward her. It would all have to occur through secondhand help. Any recommendations on how to go about this?

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