How do I tire puppy out before second shots when she can go for walks?

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9 week puppy is literally a mouth attached to a cannon, snapping at all times other than training, meals & crate. She is never interested in a toy, any toy, for more than 10 seconds after I redirect her from carpet, pants, feet, hands, couch. She doesn’t want to chew the toys, only the forbidden things. If I move my bad or foot at all she attacks it. It’s constant & I don’t know what to do. The other day I was so discouraged & exhausted that I just let her destroy my pj pants that were on my body bc I couldn’t get them away from her. She’s to young to go on walks with me & it’s so cold outside that she doesn’t want to play in our fenced yard. I need to tire her out. I’m training with lunch and dinner, we play rope, chase in the yard as long as I can get her to stay out. the rest of the time is spent trying to put a toy in her mouth while she goes ape shit on non toys until finally a nap. Then I’m terrified to move or walk around because if she wakes up I’m SOL , she’s a super light sleeper. She won’t play with a ball at all, so no in house chase with ball so far. Any tips would be appreciated, I’m so drained.

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