How do I teach my dog to get along with my cats?

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So, I have 4 cats. My fiancé and his 2 year old German Shepherd moved in with us almost a year ago.

We currently keep the cats and dog separated with gates, because our GSD really loves to chase. Luckily, he is very sweet and grew up with small dogs, so he’s gentle, or as gentle as a 100lbs dog can be. He will walk by the cats without chasing/scaring them 95% of the time if we’re just going to the back door. If we let him stay in the same vicinity as the cats for very long (beyond just going to the back door), he will chase them. He’s never tried to hurt any of the cats, but I can’t have them being chased constantly or living in fear.

The poor interactions between them aren’t completely our dog’s fault either. One of my cats in particular will taunt him through the gate. He even once leapt on our dog and clawed and hissed at him while he was just trying to come inside from the backyard.

How do I teach them to respect each other’s space? I’ve asked multiple dog trainers in my area for help and they’ve all told me they’re not really sure they can help me.

I’m definitely new to being a dog owner myself. My fiancé had dogs growing up, but has never come across an issue like this. Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated!!

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