How do I save my carpet?

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My apartment is carpeted. The best place for my 9 week old puppy's playpen is next to the fireplace I never use. However, the fireplace has a bit of flooring without carpet in front of it. I have a reusable mat that is covering it, but my little monster has figured out to move it and start biting off the carpeting at the edge of the flooring. It's gotten pretty bad and this apartment is a rental so I hope to stop it before it's extremely noticeable. Also, carpet can't be good for her to eat. Does anyone know anything I can buy to save this area of carpeting?

This is literally the best place for her to be, but it's extremely annoying constantly having to crate her cause of this. I also have to keep my eyes on her at all times whereas the playpen used to be a spot I could let her have full reign of until her little discovery.

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