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We have a 12 week old labradoodle. She is a big energy ball and bites everything she sees. It's like she finds something new she's not allowed to bite everyday. My problem is that she constantly goes for my legs/arms and it seems to be getting worse. She's getting better at hands, but she loves biting my pants/socks/shoes/arms and she's starting to bite harder and it hurts. Whenever I am walking she will have a go at my pants (joggers, jeans and if I wear shorts she will just nip my skin!). It's gotten to the point that it happens almost every time I'm walking somewhere (in the house, not on a walk). If she's on the couch or I'm on the ground she will go at my arms instead. I've tried endless redirecting, but she's getting less and less interested in the toys and as soon as I take a step she's at my pants again and not interested in the toys. I'm constantly putting other things in her mouth, but it's working less and less. I try removing myself from the area (go out of the room, pull my legs up if I'm sitting or even giving her a time out in a different room), and it helps for a few seconds, but it still seems to be happening more frequently now. My puppy class trainer said "just stand still so it gets boring", but it makes it worse and especially now she's biting harder I can't just stand still. She also suggested wearing rainboots, but obviously she loves biting that even more. I try yelling "OW" like you teach with the hands, but she doesn't care. We're working on the "no" and "let go" command (with treats), but haven't been able to make it work with clothes/skin yet.

I also have to mention that our puppy is often awake too long. She's often awake for 1,5 to 2 hours. Especially in the late afternoon and evening. She has a hard time settling herself and is always at 200% it seems. We do enforce naps in her crate if she's awake for an hour and a half and starts being a little brat and actively trying to find something she's not allowed to. The problem is that there's a lot of going on here so she's often interrupted in her sleep. There's my mom coming home or going, there's my boyfriend coming home and going and doing things and there's a lot of sounds in the street that you can hear really well (doors slamming, people running up the stairs, cars coming and going that sound like you're standing next to them). We do have a crate with blankets over it, except for the front with the door, so she can see us. She still doesn't like being in the crate however. She does sleep, but for 45 minutes on average and then gets restless. So I understand that a lot of this behaviour is also from not enough sleep (she does fine at night).

We're working on impulse control and getting her calmer, but it's the leg/arm biting that I don't know how to react to, especially bc it seems to be getting worse instead of better. Where she first seemed to do it when she was overtired, she now also does it when she just woke up and is calm or when I or my bf comes home. I'm hoping someone might know something I haven't heard yet? I just want to be able to walk around without getting my clothes and skin punctured.

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