How do I safeguard my puppy against Parvo?

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I bring home my first puppy tomorrow. He is a Heeler mix, 8 weeks old, and has had at least one round of vaccinations. I live in Richland, Washington.

I've been spending days reading about the parvo virus. I know that he will not be fully protected against it until he has completed his last booster shots at around 16 weeks of age. I live in an apartment with three other people. Apparently, bleach is the only thing that can properly kill parvo, but even that cannot be used on carpet or other certain surfaces and even then is not perfectly reliable. Plus, I'm sure if there is any parvo in or near my apartment or in or near our respective workplaces, it is on everyone's shoes which cannot exactly be bleached (or at the very least, bleached reliably and consistently).

I will have to take the puppy for very brief walks to and from my car (will hold him for as much as possible), so he will still have however brief contact with outside shared spaces. I plan to wipe down his paws with alcohol wipes every time he comes into contact with a surface that may contain parvo outside of my apartment, but I know that alcohol does not kill parvo. But I can't use a bleach solution on my puppy's paws.

I am waiting for my Fresh Patch package to arrive, which is a little patch of hydroponically grown grass so that I don't have to take him out into shared apartment grass to relieve himself, but that won't get here until 2 days after I pick him up.

Basically, I feel like I am entering being a new dog parent completely hopeless and I'm already going to lose the fight against parvo. At this point I feel like it's pointless to try to sterilize my apartment at all. There is no specific reason that I should assume there is any parvo actually in my apartment, but from everything I've read I feel like it's literally everywhere and lives for fucking ever. What on Earth do I do?

Also, I still have to socialize him! That means trying to meet as many people and vaccinated dogs as possible within the first couple months of his life, therefore before his full vaccinations are complete. How is this possible without risking his life?

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