How do I keep my dog house trained when we live with other dogs who are not?

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Basically my roommates dogs are not house trained and it's starting to really negatively affect my own dog's house training. Today I took the sheets off my bed to wash and I noticed pee like stains on the mattress, and since living here I've noticed that he has started doing marking behavior that he didn't do at our old place.

He knows better, or at least he knows that he is not allowed to do it inside when I'm watching. I've only caught him in the act a couple times and everytime I catch him in the act I punish him for it, but I know that he just waits until I'm not watching and then he does it anyway. I don't know how to make him stop when he is smart enough to do it only when he is pretty sure that he can get away with it. He gets four potty breaks a day from me, not counting the ones he gets from my roommate. I keep him in a crate when no one is home, and my roommate let's him out whenever they get home. He is already neutered. It's embarrassing having a dog that I can't take anywhere because he might lift his leg inappropriately, especially when he was better behaved in the past.

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