How do I help my dog in mourning?

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I recently had my older dog pass away unexpectedly and then soon after got a new puppy. We have a surviving dog, Sarge, that is a 3.5 year old golden retriever. Our newest member, Captain, is a golden puppy at 8 weeks old. Sarge has been lethargic and not eating as much recently. He lays around all the time and his personality has always been that of a puppy. To say he is not himself is an understatement. Sarge also is not taking to the new puppy well and nipped at him last night, nearly biting his face. He seems really nervous around the new dog and avoids him at all costs, but when he feels cornered he has growled a few times and then nipped last night. Does anybody have experience with their dog struggling with a new puppy? Especially from a very mild mannered dog that normally doesn't even growl at the mailman. We are separating them at night so Sarge can sleep where he normally sleeps and are in the process of crate training the puppy. What else can I do to ensure my older dog can get beyond his mourning while also accepting his new puppy?

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