How do I gracefully offer to take my friends dog from her?

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She is torn on keeping her gifted dog. Hes just over 1.5 now and there are quite a lot of things going on…hes never been neutered (and not up to date with shots) so theres a host of issues that go with that (humping, pulling on leash to mark) but I think her biggest issue comes from exercise. Its a half lab/pitty mix and they just let him outside in the backyard. There are no toys inside or outside the house because they have a 1 year old and wanted to keep them away.

Now me and my husband have a lab and are looking for a friend for him once the baby arrives. Being good with kids is a must, which we know this dog had. We take ours to dog parks, to play fetch, to go swimming, and hed have toys and a friend! Im not saying she doesnt love him and that im somehow going to be a super mom but there are things we have she doesnt that makes it easier for us.. A car and another dog being one. I think hed thrive with us.

She mentioned the other day shes considered giving him away many times and shes like 80-20 on it. 80 being giving away :S. Towards the end though she said she wasnt sure if she ever could because hes her first dog and loves him. I didnt push it further there.

I want to offer to take her dog as a trial run once im all moved out in February/march. But dont want to seem pushy. How do I navigate this without being pushy or offensive? Should I even try? Am I being rude by asking again?

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