How do I get my puppy to tell me she needs to go potty?

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I adopted a 4-month-old female Sato from Puerto Rico this past Sunday, so I’ve had her for three days. She is very timid and shy, and surprisingly loves her crate. I had a friend come over and my puppy put herself into her crate until she felt brave enough to come out. Today I left for the first time ever (20 minutes), and while she whined as I was leaving, she was calm and happy in her crate when I came back in.

For the past 56 hours, I have been on her like a hawk, anticipating her schedule and taking her out when I know she needs to potty, so she has been perfect. We’re even waking up in the middle of the night for a quick pee then right back to sleep. We also get up on her schedule around 6am and go outside to pee and poop, then back inside for another hour or so of sleeping in the crate until breakfast, walk, play, etc.

This evening, I took her out after a nap and she peed. She came back in and had a little water, and then we were playing with her toys. Less than 30 minutes after her pee, she ran over to the living room rug and peed. I clapped, scooped her up, and we went immediately to her pee spot outside. Her ears were back like she knew she did something wrong.

This is my question: I’m following crate training recommendations to a tee. How do I teach my puppy how to actually “tell” me when she has to go rather than always anticipating it?

Also of note, we’re going to a training “evaluation” this Friday and I plan to have her in puppy kindergarten by next week or so.

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