How do I get my puppy to leave my cat alone?

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My 14 week old pup and my 7 year old cat have an interesting relationship. My pup will start off very calm around her, will sniff her, and sometimes even lick her. However, once she makes any sudden movement or warn him to back off, he will immediately go into overdrive play/chase mode and incessantly bark at her while completely ignoring my commands. From this point on he will continue to bark until I physically remove him from the encounter. They are able to tolerate each other and sometimes my cat will even come near him by her choosing, but they definitely have different boundaries that I don’t see changing anytime soon. What are the best ways to approach this kind of situation? Should we be working specifically on recall (he will not listen to me AT ALL while interacting with the cat) or should we focus on other impulse control techniques?? Any advice would be appreciated!

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