How do I get my puppy to get along with my dogs?

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So I currently have 3 dogs, Otis (Chihuahua/3yrs old), Bentley (schnauzer mix/ 5yrs old), and then our new baby Luigi (Chihuahua/ 2-3months old). We got the new puppy almost a week ago and he’s got A LOT of energy. Now I’m aware that when dogs are young, the older ones are supposed to bark/growl occasionally to learn the “doggie ways”. However Otis was the first dog I got and I have raised him since he was 6months and was not living with another dog till 1 year ago (when he was 2 years). While they had some issues, Otis was more afraid of Bentley and didn’t really approach him much, they eventually got used to each-other and live peacefully. However, Luigi loves to get in both my dogs faces and bark all the time! I’m not worried about my big boy Bentley, because he seems to be growling and barking normally, but both of my Chihuahuas keep barking in each others faces and chasing each other off. I was just wondering if this is normal behavior for this breed of dogs or should I start intervening and separate the dogs?

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