How do I get my puppy to ASK to go out instead of sitting at the door in silence?

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Our puppy is 5 months old and almost house trained. He has less than 1 accident a week.

We take him out every 2 hours to pee and we know when he is going to poop so take him then too.

When he needs to go before the 2 hours have come around or he needs to poop, he will sit by the door in silence. This is great. He’s letting us know. The issue is we can’t see the door from the living room and on the occasions we can’t see him there he will come back into the living room and pee on the carpet.

He won’t bark, whine or claw at the door. He waits literally a minute and if we don’t come then he’ll go elsewhere.

I don’t want to train with a bell as there won’t be a bell everywhere we go and I want him to be able to tell anyone he needs the toilet. He needs to learn to claw at the door or whine. Will this come with time or do I need to train it?

My boyfriend said this isn’t something that usually needs to be trained (he’s had dogs before) and one day he’ll learn.

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