How do I get my dog to stop walking ahead of me?

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I have a 6 and a half month Samoyed and I am aware they are pulling dogs. He's pretty much trained in every aspect including crate, potty, sleeping through the night, being quiet, etc. The only trouble I've had still is having him walk next to me on a loose leash. It's not that he pulls much (I can hold him back with a finger), but he keeps the leash straight. He is getting better at heel, but seems to only think it means to stay at my side for couple seconds then he's free to keep the leash straight again. He's always, always trying to get ahead of me and I don't know how get him to stop.

I have been stopping when he pulls the leash straight, taking a few steps back, and telling him heel. He'll only walk on a loose leash for couple seconds before he walks ahead of me again.

Notice: When he knows I have boiled chicken (his high reward food) he'll keep a loose lease and heel for much longer.

Please help!

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