how do i get my dog to stop barking when were on walks!!

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Hey dog training,

I have a 1 year old labmix and my dog is pretty bad on walks. He barks at everything and nothing! I want to bring him everywhere with me but somtimes it so embarrassing to take him places we will walk like for 10-15 mins and he starts barking even when no one is around!! And he barks at every single dog he sees 🙁 the only time we can get a good long walk in is early morning or late nite when no one is around! I wouldnt mind the barks if it was just a few barks but its like barking for long periods or time. Also he is so attached to me and my husband we always have to be together when were out with him like if I use the park bathroom he will start barking like crazy and chasing and pulling my husband to me and also does the same if my husband would go off to do something. I dont know what to do please help a stressed dog mom out :p

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