How do I crate train a puppy?

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My boyfriend and I just adopted an 8 week old puppy and have been struggling to crate train her. About a year ago we got our first puppy together and the training went so smoothly, but this time around it’s been rough. Leaving a dog bed and toys in her cage has not helped since she tends to pee on it. We take her out frequently and try to take her outside to the restroom anytime she begins whining. We’re trying to let her “cry it out” but we also want her to realize that her whining doesn’t lead to playtime, just bathroom time. She has kept us up since we got her (we’ve only had her a week). We thought it’d be a good addition to the family since our 1 year old puppy needed a companion. We can’t seem to stop her from whining, crying and screeching at night. We think it’s due to her being so young, but it’s overwhelming. Any tips would be helpful

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