How can I teach my dog that “heel” is a constant state of being rather than a check-in?

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I have a 10.5 month old Brittany who is a bit of a disaster on the leash. Despite only weighing about 37 pounds, he is STRONG. He has pulled me down on several occasions, broken my phone, and dragged me a few yards through the mud twice.

He understands that “heel” means to come to my side, but it almost looks like we’re playing a very slow, boring game of tag. He pulls on his leash, I freeze in place and tell him to heel, he comes back to my side for the briefest moment, then leaps forward again. I can only make it a max of about 3 steps at a time before he’s yanking ahead again. How can I help him understand that heel means “stay by my side” and not “bounce between my thigh and the end of your leash”?

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