How can I teach my dog not to be scared of old ladies?

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It seems really weird to me but my 6 and a half yo rescue dog really hates old ladies. We take her to the dog park and she'll occasionally bark at people who try to pat her, but not that much. But she consistently barks her head off, growls, and jumps backward if an elderly lady comes near her, which is quite often cos she's an adorable little jack Russell/beagle mix so people assume she's docile and chilled out. We got her 6 months ago and her previous owners told us they suspected she had been mistreated as a puppy.

She also has bad leash aggression and she frequently picks fights when she's on the lead to the point where I can't walk her in places where they'll be other dogs or children. How can I teach her that old ladies aren't going to hit her? Do I just have to make her hang out with old people, like exposure therapy or something?

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