How can I make my Labrador enjoy going for a walk?

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I have two dogs 3 year old pit bull and 4 year old Labrador whom I try to walk at least 2 miles every morning. My pitbull is always spinning in circles but my lab not so much, he never has since he was a puppy. While my pit is just energy incarnate and outgoing, my labs pretty lazy, and seems like a borderline introvert, don't know if he's got that from me.

He doesn't like to go out even into the backyard, he does the bare minimum and comes inside and rolls around on the floor or gets comfy on the couch for a nice nap completely happy. I feel like if I didn't walk him as I do he'd basically be a ball with legs because he loves to eat just doesn't want to do anything with the energy. He's a very happy dog and likes to play inside but just doesn't care much for the outside, does anyone else have a dog like this?

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