How can I improve my pups recall – man threatened to kick him after he played with dog

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Hi all We have a 10 month old Lurcher named Chaos. He loves other dogs, a little too much, and often runs up to greet them and try and play. When we see another dog on the horizon, we do try to get his attention before he sees them, and hook him up, but occasionally he sees them first and makes his mad dash.

We often take him into the local enclosed dog park to socialize with other dogs, and let him play and run off lead with all the other dogs he sees. The problem we have is that when he sees another dog, he does not come back, not to treats, not to toys, not to anything, until he is tired. He just isn't interested. At the dog park, it isn't too much of a problem because everyone is there to let their dogs play with other friendly dogs, but it's when he is elsewhere.

I was kinda sparked to ask today, after literally coming home in tears, because we were playing with his ball thrower (very foggy) and we spot a dog, so we called him back, and he started to come, but as soon as he saw the other dog, he ran. The other dog was friendly and wagging its tail and trying to play, but the owner kept trying to grab him and hit him and kept shouting to us "i'm going to f****** kick your f****** dog.", Flailing his arms and screaming. Chaos got frightened and ran back, tail between his legs, and encounters like this does no one any good. I don't think there was any particular need to react that way, especially given he had met Chaos before and the dogs had even played prior this.

I know Chaos shouldn't have ran up to him, we are trying to work on that, he hadn't been taught anything when we got him (~2mnth ago) and had been bounced from house to house to house 5 times, so it's a slow process. We did try to keep a look out for people, but it isn't possible all the time. We have tried the turning round and walking away, treats, lots of praise, different voices, and he comes back almost all the time, and I have even managed to call him back as he saw a deer, EXCEPT for when he sees another dog. And we never tell him off when he does come back, eventually, because that's what we want him to do. We have also had a lot of improvements since we first got him.

Has anyone get any advice on how slowly stop him bolting after dogs? Will it get a bit better as he matures? I'm really worried that one day, someone will kick him, or will report him as an unruly dog and he will have to be put down at the other person's discretion (as is the law of the UK).

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