How can I help my puppy adapt to this temporary living situation?

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I have a 3 month old GSD/Husky who I’m very much stressing over right now. Right now I’m in between housing and am renting out a room in a friends house for about 2 weeks. I don’t really have any option to go anywhere else right now so I’m doing the best I can.

The issues right now go like this

• there are 3 other adult dogs living in this house, all very housed trained, and stay in the rooms of the other roommates. nevertheless, she just wants to say hi all the time while they’re not necessarily the friendliest of dogs. This prevents me from letting her out of the room as sometimes one or 2 of the dogs are out • although she is great with her crate at bed (not whining when put up for the night) and also when I leave for work, she is not the best at it when I leave the room to do things like shower or laundry/ eating. Obviously this is just going to require more crate training but it definitely is a problem as she will go on for hours if she knows I’m still in the house • as calm as I can get her, any noise/conversation that goes on in the house makes her immediately jump up and want to go investigate. Obviously I can’t just open the door and let her check it out which leads to her becoming very frustrated and barking which causes the other dogs to bark, leading to an orchestra of barking. • she wants to jump on the door every time she wants out which I’m afraid is going to start to scratch it up and i would rather not have to buy a new door for this house

That’s basically the gist , currently she is gnawing on a bone and just chilling. We’ll see how long this goes on before she decides she wants out again. Every day I try to get her plenty of exercise as well as lots of training. I give her a great deal of attention when home but sometimes all she wants to do is leave and won’t want to play anymore. Do you guys have any tips to make these two weeks slightly less frustrating than they have to be? Maybe some training advice to help with her jumping on the door? Anything would be appreciated

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