housebreaking a puppy that can’t go outside

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We have a 9 week old mini schnauzer puppy that we can't take outside yet because he isn't fully vaccinated and we live in a large apartment complex, so the neighbors' dogs have presumably contaminated all the outside space with pathogens that our dog isn't immune to yet. So we're facing housebreaking him indoors for now. He spends most of his time, when we're not playing with him or holding him, in a penned off area with his bed and food/water bowls in it. We set up one spot with a puppy pad just outside his pen, and we take him to it first thing in the morning, before bed, and after every meal, which adds up to at least 6x per day (My husband works from home, so we have a petty consistent routine). He uses the pad about 50% of the time and goes on the floor the rest of the time. When we catch him going on the floor we usually grab him and bring him over to the pad. We always give him a little training treat when he uses the pad and lots of praise and pets. He is most prone to accidents in the morning. He sleep in his pen at night pretty much without complaint or whining, and we get up at 6 and take him to pad. He pees and poops and then we play with him for a bit, but when we put him back in his pen and walk away to get ready for our day he poops in his pen and then starts to whine (I suppose because he is upset that his home is dirty). We have tried waiting longer with him at the puppy pad to make sure he gets everything out, but he seems to always wait until we put him back in his pen.

Of couse I know he is very young and this process takes time. I'm just wondering if our approach is appropriate, or if it could be improved in any way, especially in terms making the eventual transition to outdoors easier. Also, if anyone has particular insight on the matter of our puppy's tendency to go potty in the morning right after we return him to his pen, that would be great. Thanks!

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