[House training] “Shitty” 1 y/o husky is still not potty trained 🤯

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I brought home my 1 y/o husky as an 8 week old puppy. She was the runt of the litter, born last and smaller than the rest -I was told this may be relevant. At the time, I was working at home and had a super flexible schedule and thought it was a good time to get a puppy (I had been planning on getting one for a while).

Routine I used: I took her out every 30 minutes during the day and 3-4 times a night. I extended the daytime potty breaks as she grew, so now I can expect her to be able to wait around 5-6 hours. Rewarded with plenty of praise and offered treats. I kept her crated when leaving the home and still do at present.

BUT, the thing is she’s never been accident free. She had lots of pee accidents too but this has improved. Still, I’ve never had more than a week without accidents. And I still can’t leave her to roam the house. When she needs to poop she just squats down anywhere and it’s bombs away . She makes absolutely no noise to indicate needing to potty. She doesn’t circle (even when outside) to sniff for a spot. When she’s off leash and needs to go out she will occasionally go to the door to be let out. I say occasionally because she squats down wherever more often than not. She’s even pooped behind me as I was holding her leash. She still poops in her crate and she has pooped in my car before. She used to whine after the fact when she would soil her cage but now, I come back home to her laying down with the poop right near her head.

Separate issue but – despite early socializing, she is terrified of outside noises like cars and any “city” sounds and tries/has escaped her collar to bolt for home if I walk her at a time whe there are lots of cars outside. I’m guessing many of these times, she comes back in without doing her business and decides to just shit in the house.

Did I fuck up? What can I do differently? I’ve posted about this before when she was 6 months old and it came down to retraining her like she was a puppy but here we are again at 1 year. It’s literally been a shitty year and I really need some advice.

This post turned out quite long and ranty. If you made it to the end, thanks.

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