House training regression after neutering??? Normal???

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Our 5 month old shepherd mix was neutered yesterday. He’s been ringing the bells to go pee and hasn’t peed inside, but has pooped twice inside today. So he went twice outside this morning, and then came in and went in the house only a few min after he went outside. Then this evening he pooped inside then rang the bells to go outside to pee. He had been perfect prior, no poop or pee accidents inside for over a month, and in the last two months he has only had a couple accidents. So seemingly he is regressing in house training since his surgery. Is this normal? If so, how long before he’ll stop going inside? We’re going to start acting as if he’s not house trained and start from scratch. But it’s frustrating because we were finally starting to be able to relax…..on the house training front anyway. Please tell me this is normal???

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