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TL;DR – Our puppy was uncomfortable, confused, and frightened while outside and would not go potty there for the first 10 days at home. We had also done a great job training her to go the pee pads. So we got rid of them yesterday, and did exactly what's been discussed in so many threads on this sub – 5 minutes outside, standing in place, 10-15 minutes inside on lap. Rinse and repeat. And suddenly our little Chili has had such a breakthrough that she has taken 5 perfect trips outside, IN A ROW. You can do it too!!!

After 10 days of seeming scared, confused, and uncomfortable outside and unsure of what to do, our 4 month old "Hound mix" puppy, Chili, finally seems to understand she can pee outside and poop outside!! We had her using pee pads at home, but it became clear that she had been trained to go on the pads, inside, and nowhere else. She would just sit there, and go on the pads the moment we came back in. It seemed like she could hold it FOREVER. But she cannot–and either can your pup–and here's how we got her to go outside, in exactly the routine we want, 5 times in a row now.

After a long sleep, we took her straight outside around 7 AM. In fact, I picked her up out of the crate, carried her directly to the spot where we want her to go. Then I stood there, stationary, for 5 minutes. She spent some of that time pulling back towards home, but also filling up her bladder and bowels. After 5 minutes of nothing, I picked her up, carried her directly back in, and sat her on my lap for 10 minutes, and then directly back outside. She had accidents in the crate the night before, so we opted for the lap instead of the crate, just to be safe. It took 3 hours, until 10 AM, alternating every 30-45 minutes with my wonderful partner but she finally couldn't hold it anymore, and she pooped and peed outside. As soon as she started going, I said "Yes, Go Potty" and "Good Potty" and was ready with a small treat the moment she finished. And I think it clicked.

Fast forward to 5:30 PM, we took her for a short walk (another challenge in itself), but at the end, we went straight back to her spot, stood still, and we got ANOTHER POOP AND PEE, this time in under 5 minutes!!!! Used the same cues and markers right thing, associate the word potty, and were ready immediately with another small treat.

She woke up in her crate from a nap around 8:15, and we perfectly executed our Outside routine: Approached the crate with jacket and shoes on, leash in hand, announced "Outside," and carried her to the spot and SHE WENT IMMEDIATELY. Said Good Potty and Yes at precisely the right time, and gave her a little treat the moment she finished. I couldn't have felt any happier than I did at the moment and I think she was feeling great too. She happily walked all the way back home (up to the 4th floor of our apartment, like a perfect dog and got the ultimate reward – lap cuddles with Dad and Mom. We woke her up again at 10 for bedtime, same routine, straight outside, and she did it again! Then woke her up at 3 AM and she did it AGAIN! Then again at 7 AM, 8:30 AM, and now I am actually looking forward to the next trip when she wakes up from her current nap.

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