House training a fired farm dog, what am I in for?

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—TLDR- Will my outdoor cage living border collie continue to poop in a smaller cage in the house? What resources can I look into that would help me train him properly?—

I’m hoping to take in a border collie soon that was fired from herding cows to prevent him from ending up in a shelter. Other than wandering, he’s VERY well mannered, loyal, and totally craves attention and love. At this point it’s just a matter of getting a chance to drive the 15 hours to pick him up.

From what I understand, he was in the process of being trained when the owner suffered a serious injury and nobody was able to continue working with him, so they’re looking for a new home.

He’s afraid of cows and wanders away from the farm when left off leash. Because the other farm dogs are aggressive towards him, he’s kept in the cage 24/7 and only comes out when the cage gets cleaned.

My concern is that he’s currently in a large cage outside that he’s meant to pee and poop in all day aside from a separate bucket that he sleeps in. Is a smaller cage and frequent walks likely going to stop him from pooping in a cage in the house? And is it likely I’ll ever be able to leave him out of the crate with our black mouth curr during the working day, or best to always keep him in a cage during the day?

I have time off work to work with him and the means to hire a dog walker once I start working again. I’m new to dog training but am very persistent with our black mouth cur/shepherd mix that has made huge improvements in the last 6 months. Are there any specific resources that would be helpful for house training in this situation since he’s not a puppy?

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