House trained dog randomly peeing on rug

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I've got a rescue dog named Louisa. She's an American Foxhound, somewhere between 6-10, house broken, been living with me for four years.

She's generally very well behaved but she randomly started peeing on the rug in my dining room. Not just little leaks and accidents, a full blow urination. She continued to do this until I eventually got rid of the rug and just went without in that room. As soon as the rug was gone, no more accidents.

I went without a rug for a year and just bought a new one last week. Aaaaaand she just up and pee'd on it again. Any idea what could be causing this and what I can do to help. She has no accidents inside apart from this, she has a yard and receives daily walks. She does not indicate she needs to go out before she messes on the rug.

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