Hooray for walkies!

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First of all, I've been lurking for a couple of months, so thanks to all users for sharing their advice and experience- it's been very helpful in preparing us humble cat-folk for our first pup.

Anyway, here's Finnley, who has to poop twice in the morning. I don't know why, but that's her jam. When we go out first thing, she pees, farts-around in the yard for a while, then poops. Then back inside for a little breakfast. Then it's back outside because I know it's time for the elusive 2nd poop, but she thinks it's play time. And really it's time for me to get in the shower and get ready for work… so inside we go… and she poops in the kitchen while I'm in the shower. Tried different things, going out earlier, longer, back in crate, etc… sometimes I get lucky, oftentimes I don't.

But glory be to the dog-gods, she's now had her final round of shots and we had our first walkie in the 'hood last night. She made it all the way around the block, met some neighbors and some neighborhood hounds and she did beautifully. So this morning I thought, "Hey, why don't we try a morning walk instead of the fart-around-in-the-yard routine," so it was on the leash and out into the world and BAM… pee, poop… walk…POOP. I don't want to get ahead of myself, but walkies may have just solved the 2nd poop paradox. Hoo-fuckin-ray!!!

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