Hookworm in our yard?

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We've had our puppy for about 6 weeks now and he's almost 6 mos old. When we got him he tested positive for coccidia and hookworms, which I guess is really common for puppies in general, especially rescue pups. We did a round of meds for the coccidia and two doses of strongid three weeks apart for the hookworms. At a check a week after the second strongid dose he had cleared the coccidia but still tested positive for hookworms. We've done two more doses of strongid and I'm going to do a third this week for good measure. Really hoping he tests negative next week. My question is about our yard – the vet tech said he could be reinfecting himself from our yard, but we pick up poop regularly. I don't think there's been any poop on the ground longer than 48 hours or so. What do y'all think? My main concern is having dog friends over – we've been saying no in case we have hookworms in the yard but would love to be able to host at some point. I don't want to risk another dog getting infected but I also don't want to keep dogs out if he's not getting reinfected but rather just had a case that was a little hard to kick. What do y'all think? Would you have dog friends over?

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