Hilarious Dog Train Fun For Kids to Watch in Fort Worth

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This man takes his pet dogs on a flight in their custom pet dog train daily in Fort Worth, TX.

57 thoughts on “Hilarious Dog Train Fun For Kids to Watch in Fort Worth

  1. eluminatefilms

    I love this man so much! I swear he should have statues carved in his honor
    and music written about him. Thank you for posting this!

    1. John Gonzalez

      +eluminatefilms I agree, this man has restored part of my faith in a little
      part of humanity. Maybe dog hotels around the country may consider doing
      something like this.

    1. Kai Campbell

      +tvwears I would book them in to the station, no seat belts for the
      pooches, no insurance, no indication at that junction, and that “vehicle”
      is not roadworthy, job done, case closed.

      God.. I’m good.

    2. Theendman

      +tvwears He does that with homeless dogs every once in a while It is a
      tradition for him and his brother. So the town knows so it isn’t anything
      unusual for them.

    3. tabalouco

      Homeless dogs. lol The other dogs own or rent rotflol . I can’t stop
      laughing . I’m imagining a dog with a dirty blanket with a card board sign
      “Need money for Purina” lol

  2. Wolf Man Lyken

    Wow, what a loco-motive * (budum-tiss),
    How did he train them to do that * (budum-tiss),
    I hope they don’t end up as rail-road kill * (budum-tiss) – Ill see myself

    1. Wolf Man Lyken

      This guy loves older women but hates older jokes (budum-tiss)

      He has a point to make, and that is that my comments are
      pointless (budum-tiss)

      Can I get a drum-roll for this last ………… (budum-tiss)

  3. Heather L.

    That’s adorable! I can’t believe the dogs all stay in the train! My dogs
    would jump right out and start chasing things. Way to go, Mr. Bostick.
    Fantastic idea. I’d love to see more of this.

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