Hiding under the bed- getting aggressive

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My dog occasionally growls when we do something he does not like. I have stopped what I am doing until he calms down. And, he has started going under the bed. I thought it was cooler there, but I don't know. It is hard to coax him out.

Today, I had to take him to the vet and I tried luring him out from under the bed with treats. i reached for him and he snapped at me. That is new. I left him alone and he came out a little while later, acting like he nomally does.

He was really well behaved, a little timid, for the vet. The exam was normal, waiting on bloodwork.

I am at a loss. Do I just leave him alone? Should I keep him from going under there somehow? Should i keep him on a leash in the house?

He is not crate trained. Would that be good? He is only 25 lb

Most of the time he is in whatever room i am in. He follows me.

He is active in the morning and evening but is mellow during the day.

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