Hey, Ladies: Here Are The Reasons Dudes Are In Love With Alex Morgan

Men already have plenty of reasons they should date a woman who plays soccer, but US superstar Alex Morgan is no everyday football player, and she’s surely no everyday woman.

The 26 -year-old is an Olympic gold medalist and a FIFA Women’s World Cup winner and while success is always a turn-on to the opposite sexuality, Morgan’son-field accomplishments only begin to explain why every dude — Ben Higgins included — is head over heels in love with her.

Morgan, a San Dimas, California native, realise soccer appear effortless with a ball at her paws, but it’s her make-you-go-weak-at-the-knees smile that accompanies all the boys to the garden — or the World Cup final stadium.

Alex Morgan is hot, duh, but I have to start at the top to fully appreciate her beauty. I’m talking about that long, flowing whisker, who are unable to be described in one word: flawless.

Morgan is the type of chick who wakes up beautiful. She doesn’t need to put one across makeup or do her mane, but that’s not to say she doesn’t definitely sounds like a knockout when she does travel the additional mile to get all dressed up.

Whether she rocks the sporty ogle or dresses up for the opportunity, Alex Morgan ever plagiarizes the prove. But who am I kidding? If she were wearing a garbage bag, she’d still be the center of attention in any room.

“Baby Horse, ” as Morgan is affectionately known by her love, are not able to be the most prescribing figure on the soccer realm, but she’s got muscles in places I never even thought to check.

Where they establish legs like that at?

Even most impressive than Morgan’s beauty is the vibe she dedicates off, which virtually says, “I was the red-hot girl in institution, but I didn’t let everybody know it. I tell the nasty teenagers acquire my lord because it was the right thing to do , not because I wanted to be a hero. And, I pushed your best friend who was in a wheelchair to class every day.”

Morgan wasn’t merely the red-hot girlfriend in academy who everyone adoration, she was also the girl ranging curves around every guy on the varsity football squad after class.

There’s a reason exclusively one of the following options two World cup finals wins is smiling and has her name on the back of both jerseys. Just saying.

If you need more substantiated reasonableness every male with a heartbeat adoration Alex Morgan, look no further than the cros of FIFA 16, the most dude-approved video game of all time.

Sure, she has to share the spotlight with Lionel Messi, but it’s likely because she find bad for the little guy.

Plus, you know Morgan would be down to play FIFA 16 with you for shots, old-school pregame-style.

Still not reassured? How about the fantasize allguys — and surely a lot ofgirls — haveof moving into their bedrooms and spotting Alex Morgan lying there wearing nothing but her World cup finals and Olympic gold medals?

Then, after you and Alex Morgan engage in the greatest moment of their own lives, she would place the medals around your cervix, crowning you champion of the world.

Hey! Hey, come back to Soil!

But, while fantasies are all well and good, I don’t know too many bros who are into going beat up. So, if you need another reason busters enjoy Alex Morgan, how about the fact she’s not Hope Solo? Just kidding, Hope … kind of.

Getting back to concrete information, Alex Morgan is super toned. She hoists. She guides. She kicks. Some dudes may find that daunting, but I envision most people are turned on by a woman who not only works out harder than they do, but also has more infatuation in one week than they’ve had their entire lives.

Seriously, where they oblige them legs at?

You know what would be better than a photo of you and Alex Morgan? You and Alex Morgan in a photo with adorable kittens and puppies you both helped recovery from abusive homes.

Yup, Morgan is an outspoken animal suitor who would literally knock the crap out of any animal abuser who sweeps her path.

It’s yet another reason to love this badass, goal-scoring machine.

It’s hard to pin down one reason every buster adores Alex Morgan. This is the chick you always knew was red-hot but then visualized her in a bikini for the first time and had to run into the ocean to hide your boner.

She’s the woman who represents class but isn’t above get slopped with friends at a wine tasting.

She’s the one who’s bigger than you’ll ever be but will somehow never build you feel inadequate.

She’s a real ride-or-die chick who will ever have your back, ever stir you smile and ever deter you on your toes.

* Disclaimer: I’m well aware Alex Morgan is wedded. That changes nothing .

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