He’s big but he’s STILL a puppy

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My 7mo golden is a going to be on the bigger-side for a male. He weighed in at 60 lbs last month.

BUT HE'S STILL A PUPPY. And we are working on things still.

To other people he looks like a full grown dog and they often expect him act perfectly. He's still learning how to behave in highly exciting or distracting situations. These usually involve new people or non-household family members. Even people who know he's a puppy have gotten irritated at me.

For example, my dog doesn't forget a face. If he's met someone before, he HAS to say hi to them. On a walk he'll plop down and a) absolutely not move until they pass and say hi, or b) drag me over to them. He doesn't jump up but he gets SO EXCITED. He wraps the leash around everyone and rolls all over that it is overwhelming because he is so big. But he's a PUPPY.

When he has accidentally gotten out of the front door ( there is a careless kid in the house), he runs over to the neighbors because they most often have a group of young kids playing outside. They literally don't like us anymore because our puppy has ran over there max 3 times to check out giggling kids having fun. They said my dog needs to learn some etiquette, lol RUDE.

When the rare non-household member comes to the house my dog runs back and forth and back and forth behind his gated-off section of the house. He'll jump up on the gates and it looks obnoxious and out-of-control. Today a visitor asked if he is in any training!

He is really well behaved on a day to day basis. He doesn't destroy things, he can walk well on a leash (unless he sees a friend), he stays off the counters, he sleeps out of his crate with no problems, he "waits" for food/treats/new toys/whatever, he stays, he recalls in the yard (it's really big), he does "RELAX" when he gets extreme bursts of undirected energy, he doesn't bark at other dogs on walks, ETC ETC.

Yes he could be better behaved for his age. I know it's not a competition buuuuut I know adult dogs that are horribly behaved compared to my dog. Even our other little dog is worse behaved in a LOT of ways (I'd say most!), but since he is small it doesn't register because he's not intimidating.

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