Here’s Why You Crave To Bite Thoughts That Are So Cute You Can’t Even

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You know how, sometimes, your puppy examines so cute, you merely want to take a big ol’ bite out of him?

I mean, look at that face.Don’t you want to grab some Dutch crunch and make an artisanal pup sandwich ?!

I can’t vouch for baby nibbling, but puppies? I’m all about it.

Turns out those of us who feel this direction aren’t weirdos after all( well, we are, but for different reasons ). Harmonizing to Yale scientists, there’s a psychological conclude behind the advocate to burn cute babes.

Aptly called “cute aggression, ” these dimorphous showings can help us regulate our emotions.

Oriana Aragon, a pas researcher on such studies, told BuzzFeed,

We regulate feelings in a lot of different ways. Sometimes we try to rethink developments in the situation. Sometimes we try to push our feelings down with sheer will. Sometimes we remove ourselves from the situation that is causing the emotions.

And with this new disclosure, we are figuring out that sometimes we respond with the opposite idiom from which is something we feeling, and that seems to help to counterbalance us back out too.

So, it’s all about match. When you feel like you literally can’t manage thecuteness overload, your brain has your back to poise that sh* t out so you can go back to enjoying all the cute thoughts the world has to offer.

Our brains are so great.

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