Here’s Scientific Proof That Life Is Way More Expensive For Millennials

According to a new learn liberated Thursday by the team behind Job Application Center, most Millennials detect poverty-stricken because they are — at the least compared to previous generations.

The generations we’re talking about are the Greatest Generation( born 19011945 ), Baby Boomers( born 19461964 ), Generation X( born 19651985) and Millennials( born 19781990 ). While the exact years of these generations remain heatedly debated( like what the fuck is are ’9 1 babes then ?), for experiment intents, they lodge to those precise windows.

After crunching the numbers, commentators felt Millennials are most likely get married later in life than their Greatest Generation equivalents, which comes as no surprise.

I mean, can you dream getting married at 23, busters, or 20, maidens? Uh , no, didn’t think so.

On average, Millennial humen get married around 28, while women say their “I dos” when they’re 26, which still sounds pretty young but not child-bride young.

What is alarming, however, is the rate at which everyday expenseshave skyrocketed.

For example, let’s say you did wishes to get married today. It’d cost you an average of $28,000 compared to the average of $7,500 for a wedding in 1950.

That’s an increase of 273 percentage. I should also note that all of these dollar values have been adjusted for inflation to represent 2015 dollars. Yikes.

And as anyone who’s applied for college knows, going an education nowadays is not cheap. Back in the working day, one year of college at a public four-year institution expense roughly $1,500.

That’s a buy compared to 2006 ’s average of $5,300.

On top of drowning in student loans, simply putting together a decent dinner is going to cost you more.

A loaf of bread payments ten days as much as it are applied to in the “good old days” of the ’5 0s. Even Generation X peeps paid 50 percent less than we are now.

If you’re a twenty-something looking to buy a residence someday, prepare to get actually depressed. The median price of a home in 2010 was $284,000.

That doesn’t sound so bad until you liken it to the average rate of a 1930 s dwelling; those puppies croaked for $3,845.

While nobody’s saying we should all teleport back to the ’5 0s( civil rights weren’t genuinely a happening back then ), these sees are an eye-opening reminder of how much meters have changed dollar-wise.

Moral of the legend: If you’re on the wrong side of 25 and experiencing badabout living in your parents’ cellar, don’t. They had iteasier than you did and now there’s definitive proof.

Did you hear that mom? I’m abiding on my bunk bedforever! JK, I’m living the high life in a ramshackle bungalow with two roommates.

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