Here’s a reminder that your puppy may need more sleep.

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here's a soft reminder that not all puppies follow the 1 hr up > 2 hrs asleep rule. some actually sleep for more or less time, or have different waking schedules – some even wake up nippy and cranky because that little rest just wasn't very restful.

also, don't forget about transitions to quiet time after you've been playing for a while! imagine hyping up with some friends at a party – and all of a sudden, the music and flashy lights stop, everyone stops dancing and time just seemed to stand still – would you be satisfied?

i transition my pup within 20 minutes prior to her next nap/resting period — my pup is cuddly, and sometimes this means some couch and lap time with a chew toy and some grooming, but she doesn't always want to – so providing a frozen kong in her playpen (if i can't watch her constantly), or practicing a solid down-stay (..or at minimum, stay..), playing "which hand?" for some soft treats or working on basic eye contact tends to wind her down QUICK.

i just discovered this issue w/ my almost 12 week old — sometimes, giving them a potty break then putting them back down for a second round of sleep does the trick to stop the daytime struggles. i've also realized that just because puppy is in the kennel doesn't neccesarily mean they're SLEEPING, either. "2 hrs of sleep" could be broken up in chunks in some instances until puppy learns to self-regulate.

this obviously won't apply to EVERY PUPPY! but growing pups need plenty of rest.♡ don't beat yourself up if your puppy has gotten their basic (or even advanced needs) but still seems cranky after naps. c:

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