HereaEUR( tm) s what happens you set GoogleaEUR( tm) s photo identification technology loose on Donald Trump

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Google’s artificial intelligence program has created a being. Or, more particularly, lots of monsters that have lots of dog faces in them.

The Post’s Jeff Guo lately applied Google’s brand-new facial acknowledgment engineering to analyze some pictures of the presidential candidates. Here is Guo showing the technology:

“Recently, Google investigates have come up with a technique announced DeepDream to enhance and imagine all the strange associations that these AI programs are capable of write …. Last week, Google liberated the code for people to play with, which is why Franken-puppies have been taking over your twitter feed. It is about to change that the default setting for this code uses an AI that is really good at accepting dogs, but really bad at recognizing human faces.”

The image above displays Donald Trump and amid a pack of animalistic reporters. You can see the full accumulation of horrible likeness here.

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