Here are the prejudiceds on Twitter who hide behind their babies

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Being a prejudiced on Twitter is bad enough, but secreting behind a picture of your domesticated while tweeting racist sentiments? That’s cowardly and laughable. Fortunately, a Twitter account announced Racist Pets is uncovering the people who use their furry acquaintances as social media avatars.

Racist Pets doesn’t bother commenting on the accounts it exposes. It plainly indicates screenshots of the tweets, along with a picture of their pet.

Sometimes these prejudiceds even hide behind cute little babe swine. Like this cuddly piling of xenophobic puppies.

Or this adorable hitherto bigoted fox cub.

Even meerkats aren’t safe.

And, only to prove these racists are in fact human, the history would point out that they sometimes take a break from spewing loathe to spew, well … other things.

Racist Pets is run by someone living in London, so most of the tweets focus on British intolerance. But clearly, there are a number of Americans who are willing to pawn their racist ideas off on their pets. You likely already know about one of them.

Dogs, by the way, absolutely have knees. It’s almost as if these people are rejecting realities just so they can expound their naive, crazy theories.

One person, while still totally a bigot, at least picked the right swine to represent their cowardly behavior: a chicken.

Then again, chickens are actually useful.

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