Her Puppies Were Stolen And She Lived In The Trash, But She Never Yield Up On Life

Every year, nearly 3.9 million pups recruit animal shelters across the United States.

Whether they’re left out in the cold or ceded by humen who can’t take care of them, the fact remains that nearly four million innocent bird-dogs end up in shelters, and thousands of others still need saving.

And these good pups were of the latter smorgasbord. A four-legged mom and her puppy lives in a trash bin when saviors from Hope for Paws experienced them.

Most heartbreakingly of all, a few neighborhood teenagers had plagiarized all of her other puppies by that stage. For that reason, she grasped to the remaining newborn for dear life.

Now all these beautiful daughters need to do is find a new residence, and we hope that they can stay together. If not, Zoe can at least take comfort given the fact that her little Meadow gets a second chance at life.

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