Help with training mini schnauzer/chihuahua mix.

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My pup is almost 4 months old. The main issues so far are: biting, potty training and attachment.

As far as biting, she has MANY toys. Yet, she still chooses my hand, toes or hair over her toys. My vet told me to gently grab her snout and firmly say “no” when she bites. Wondering if this is the best way to train to not bite?

For potty training, I live upstairs in a complex, so it isn’t easy to catch her when she needs to potty. She goes pretty frequently. I’ve noticed she doesn’t like to poop where she urinates. I have a spot for her pads, and take her there every time she needs to potty. She goes there on her own, sometimes. Still, hardly any progress.

For her attachment issues, when she lies down to nap, it’s fine. As long as I’m near her. Once I leave, she wakes up and stays awake.

Not sure where to go from here, but I’d be happy to hear any advice. Thank you!

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