help with roommates aggressive dog? it literally gets worse every day.

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I've shared a house with another person for about 3 months and her dog has not gotten used to me. I tried putting my hand out for her to sniff, and she bit me. Every time any sound is made, her dog will bark… and bark… and bark. incessantly. It's to the point where I can't even shut a door upstairs or walk in the kitchen without her dog barking for what seems like forever. My husband and I bought a baby gate to separate my dog from hers (since she tried to bite my dog), but occasionally her owner will forget to shut it and she'll get into the living/dining room while we're in there. She'll then jump all over us and bark and try to snatch our food. If we do anything at all she tries to bite. Literally anything we do, she will try to bite. And bark. She's succeeded in biting my husband and I a total of maybe 4 or 5 times– it definitely would be more, but we will literally leave the room if her owner lets her out of the bedroom. There are other people in the house as well, and the dog barks at and tries to bite them too.

Twice today alone, she's jumped on me and tried to bite me and I had such a severe panic attack the second time my husband had to come home between his classes because I couldn't stop panicking. Where was her owner? Right there. Barely even trying to pull her dog away from me.

Owner claimed she would get some "ultrasonic" thing for the dog's barking, that was weeks ago. Talked to her about her dog biting me and she told me I was being dramatic and it was just nipping. The extent of her discipline is her shouting the dog's name if she gets annoyed by the barking.

What do y'all think should be done? I feel ridiculous being so terrified of something so small but those teeth are sharp!!! Her owner seems to do literally nothing about this.

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