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Hi guys so I’ve had my puppy since 8 weeks and ever since we got her she would flinch if we tried to pet her. She is now 7 months. I got her from a reputable breeder and never hurt her and used only positive reinforcement. If I try to pet her or anyone in my family she would quickly back away and look scared. I thought she would grow out of it but hasn’t. Don’t really know what to do we constantly play with her, train her, give her treats, take her out to dog parks and nothing has stopped her flinching and backing away. I feed her treats while I pet her to reinforce petting with positive ness but still nothing after months of doing this. It’s kinda sad because this is my pup and it feels like she doesn’t like me or my family. She comes to us but the moment we hold our hands outs it’s like she thinks we will hit her. Also no one is abusing her, my family is really caring and there are no kids in the house. Any help would be appreciated

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