Help With Possessive/Jealous Chihuahua Training

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Hello Dogtraining!

As the title says, I'm looking for advice on how to train a possessive /jealous Chihuahua. Any help would be greatly appreciated since I'm very new to living with dogs or even training them.

My Background: About a year ago I started dating a girl who is the mother of three animals. She has two dogs (Female Lab Mix and Male Chihuahua Mix) and a cat. I have a cat too, so that makes four animals in total. The lab and the chihuahua have been living together for four years. The cat and the chihuahua have been living together for ten years, which is how long she has had the chihuahua.

The Issue: The Chihuahua has what can be lightly described as anger issues. I think it stems from some form of possession or jealousy with the focal point being my girlfriend. For the most part, his anger is directed at my girlfriend’s cat or Lab Mix. The Chihuahua will chase/bite/bark/growl at these animals if they are close when my girlfriend is in bed, on the couch or any other leisurely sort of activity. These situations mostly happen when those animals get between him and my girlfriend, which makes me think it’s a jealousy issue. He’s also snapped at me quite a few times for getting between him and my girlfriend as well.

My worries: I understand it takes some time for pets to adjust to new people or animals within their surroundings, so I’m not too concerned about the dog snapping at me. Trust will come with time and patience. I’m more concerned with how the Chihuahua acts towards the other animals. If the dog has known the cat for 10 years or the other dog for four years and still is set off when they get between him and his mother, then I see that as a problem that needs to addressed. I’m especially worried about my cat, who I’m hoping can resume her routine of doing whatever she wants in the house without being constantly locked in a bedroom for her safety.

Once again, any help would be appreciated. We are both at a loss on how to address this issue.

Thank you!

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