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My sweet puppy is about 11 months old now. Since she was about two months old I had a job that allowed me to be at home with her all day everyday. In a few days I start a new job, and I am feeling incredibly nervous and guilty about us being separated for a much longer time than she’s used to.

My pup is very attached to both me and my husband. She will whine if we’re both at home and not both in the same room with her. If just one of us is home she goes into hysterics if she’s not allowed in the same room. She watches out the window if she can when we leave and knows the sounds of our cars when we get home and runs to the windows to watch for us. She is very expressive of her feelings, she will sulk and pout if we deny her things, she will throw tantrums if she doesn’t get her way. She also can get very sad if she doesn’t see one of her human parents for a while, she physically becomes less active and will make frustrated noises and keep her head down.

She is fine if we put her in her “room” aka the kitchen gated off and leave for a few hours as she will sleep during that time and even trots into her room willingly when she sees either of us getting ready to leave. She also is fine if we leave her with friends/family for short periods of time, but she’s had a bad response to my husband being away for work for a few days.

I leave almost everyday for two or three hours but not usually for a full workdays time which is my big concern. I don’t know how to make the transition easiest for her?

I’m applying for doggy daycare as she loves other dogs and probably wouldn’t even notice we were gone if she was able to do that. In the meantime, any suggestions on how to keep her happy and entertained during the day?

My husband is able to come home at lunch to let her out to use the bathroom and make sure she has food and water. I’ve stocked up on her favorite “safe” toys that she can’t eat or get hurt on. I also plan on leaving on some music in the other room. The kitchen itself is big enough that she can trot around a bit and has plenty of space for a big bed. She doesn’t have accidents or anything, I’m worried about her emotional well being is I guess what I’m trying to convey here. Any and all suggestions welcome!

I admit I am very attached to her possibly to the point where I’ve coddled her too much and not done enough to get her independence up. I absolutely think of her as my child and I know I’m a bit crazy!

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