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So this year i found myself in a bit of a predicament and long story short i am living with a coworker while i figure things out. I have a 1 1/2 GSD/husky mix and they have 2 small dogs and one large 1 yr old Chesapeake Retriever.

Our dog has gotten used to all the other dogs and has never shown any aggression… but the other large dog keeps attacking her inside for 2 reasons – the dog gets jealous over attention and/or food. Outside they play like best friends but the second they are inside the other dog will attack her if we even look at our own dog… is there any training we can do with the other dog to get her over her jealous behavior? She is a very sweet, loving dog but my poor dog cant even walk upstairs to get outside to use the bathroom without having to worry about the other dog…

i gotta make this work for the time being and my gf has already gotten in the middle of 2 fights this week and got bit a little in the crossfire.

Just fyi, when being attacked our dog doesn't even bite back and just tries to get away. She has never shown any signs of aggression toward the large dog. While inside she tries to just make it to the outside as fast as possible…

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