Help with getting my Border Collie to stop occasional barking/whining in the crate!

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I have an almost 7 month old Border Collie named Milo. He is the goodest doggo.

From day one (8 weeks old), I have been doing crate training exercises with him, like treating and praising him when he goes in on his own, treat/praise after leaving in him there for varying amounts of time from 10 seconds to an hour to several hours as he has gotten older, etc. I also make sure he has gone potty and not had water a little while before having him be in his crate. He doesn't bark constantly in the crate nonstop. Just every hour or so when he's in there, he'll have a fit for 5-10 minutes and then be cool for another hour. I should also mention that he is normally not in the crate for more than 4 hours at a time. Occasionally 5 hours if I have an extra class or something to be at that comes up last minute. He also knows the command "go to your crate" and will go straight in there with no hassles every single time. He does not bark when I leave, only some time later after I'm gone.

I wake up every morning way early, take him on a nearly two mile walk, play with him a bit, let him do some zoomies in the backyard while I make breakfast and if I have some time, I'll do some training stuff with treats. Now luckily I have some awesome roommates who are both patient with Milo and help me out with him every once in a while, but I can also sense some mild annoyance from them when he has his fits in the crate every once in a while, and of course I try to train him as well as I can so he is not a pain when I'm not home and he's in the crate still. My roommates aren't mad, I just don't want them to eventually be frustrated by it.

Alas, here we are. He barks/whines, and I would love some suggestions as to how to curb that behavior. Thank you for any help!

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