Help with getting a pup to sleep through the night and not chase the cats.

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Hello! New puppy parent here. I'm sorry if my thoughts are scattered, loss of sleep will do that to you.

We just adopted a 9 week old husky puppy about a week an a half ago. I have never had a dog before, but my fiance has always had dogs. So I don't know what to do with her or what is normal behavior. We also have 2 cats (one 13 year old and one 2 year old)

We both have jobs. But I will be starting a new job next month that will cause us to have opposite schedules. So that means one of us will always be home with her. Which makes me wonder, should we implement a solid schedule for Her? Currently she sleeps most of the day and plays for a few hours a day with some training. On my days off i really try to tire her out so she will sleep through the night. But she keeps napping all day and I think that's stopping her from sleeping at night? Unless that's normal for puppies her age to nap that much?

We haven't slept all the way through the night since before we got her. We are trying to crate train her. She does really well at first and does sleep for about 2 hours but in the middle of the night she will start whining and crying really loud. Even if I take her out to pee she still resists her crate at night. I've read that it's a good idea to just ignore them until they calm down. But the problem is we live in an apartment, and don't want to wake our neighbors and have a noise complaint. So we always cave and let her out because we are afraid she will wake everyone else up. Which I know is the opposite of what to do. How do I teach her to stop whining in her crate? Or should I just get a puppy play pen and let her roam around in that instead?

Another thing I'm worried about is our cats being safe. So far she hasn't ever been aggressive towards our cats, she's just curious and wants to play with them. But I know huskies are notorious predators and I'm really nervous about her killing our cats even if it's an accident and she thinks she's playing. I don't want to have to rehome her, but if she hurts our cats I might not have a choice. I've heard of people using those shock collars for training them not to chase but I'm not sure if that's humane? I'm at a loss and just want all our animals to get along so any tips for teaching her to leave them alone will be greatly greatly appreciated.

It's just very overwhelming. Since I've never had a dog before I'm having problems figuring out the right way to train her. Everything says different things that contradict eachother.

I love her so much, shes so adorable. But I feel so guilty for being so frustrated with her.

We are absolutely exhausted. The lack of sleep is really impairing our ability to properly train her because we are so irratable. So any advice will really help!

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