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Hi guys, I have a bit of a problem. My elderly (13 yr) lab/chesapeake retriever, Leo, has been exhibiting new behavior. My normally relaxed, sit still dog has done a 180 in behavior. He has moved from NE to FL. At his new home in FL, he is around young children more often then he was before. He has begun sleeping in showers and bathtubs instead of his two dog beds. I have one on either side of the house so he has options. he has also begun defecating in the house, which he previously never did unless he REALLY needed to go. I put him outside once an hour for 5 to 10 minutes to combat this. But sometimes he will still go indoors, even if he had just been outside. He still has a regular feeding routine with the same dog food in the same bowl. he eats 2 cups a day and finishes every meal. 3 months before moving he developed cancer of the mouth. Its just on his lip and I had it removed, but it has now grown back. 3 months ago I have also done x-rays of his mid section to see if the cancer has spread and their was a small questionable spot in his lungs but the doctor wasn't exactly sure if it was cancer. He also used to be a complete couch potato but over the last two years he has become increasingly more agitated and prefers to move around, sometimes standing for periods of time. He will often seem stressed during this and will pant. I will tell him to go lay in a bed, and after a short period of time he will get up and walk around with no reason to. I have owned this dog since he was 2. I have had him forever. I love him deeply and trained him myself. Hes my first dog, and my first dog I trained myself. I know hes old, I want to make his last days happy and relaxed. I have confined him to one room of the house and let him out to spend time with us when we are home.

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